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Daniel’s moves to University Avenue


DANIEL’S is at 2908 University Ave. Hours are 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday. Info: 304-296-7202.
 Saul Radman was in fine fashion one recent Tuesday morning when he shuffled into the place of business that’s made his name for the past 50 years.
 The 78-year-old was wearing a ball cap and a business suit. And his cellphone was mashed to his ear.
 “Be right with you,” he said, extending his hand to a visitor, as he took that call and one more.
 “Hey, ” he asked that same visitor when his cell phone stopped chirping, “whaddya think of the new place?”
 When said visitor responded with, “It’s nice,” he gave a little snort.
 “ ‘Nice?’ Are you kiddin’ me? It’s beautiful. Twice as big.”
 Which means it’s just the right size to help him get fitted for the next 50 years.
 The first 50 slid on easier than a cardigan and a comfortable pair of loafers.
 Radman is the owner and proprietor of Daniel’s, the iconic Morgantown fashion store for men he founded in 1963 with his brother, Daniel, for whom the establishment is named.
 Up until October 2013, that store was a fixture on High Street. Daniel’s is enjoying a new chapter in the former Sander’s Floor Covering location on University Avenue, near Suncrest and WVU’s Evansdale campus.
 The new address boasts off-street parking — “It’s all about the customers,” he said — along with more windows to let in natural light, and, more importantly, a lot more space.
 “We went from 4,000 square feet to 8,000,” he said. “We ’ve got more space to display everything better. It’s all working out.”
 That’s because, Radman said, the only thing “new” about Daniel’s is its address.
 He still does business the way he was taught by Sam Radman, his Polish immigrant father who stitched together a good life in his new country by way of the “workingman’s store” he founded in Uniontown, Pa., where he settled after crossing the pond in 1923.
 “He knew his customers,” Radman said. “In this business, that’s important.”