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Hands-on help to get better
TCountry Roads Physical Therapy uses newest manual methods

Work doesn’t end for Melissa Henry and Mike Barkley when they leave the office.

“My wife thinks I’m kind of odd, because I think of this as my job and my hobby,”  said Barkley, physical therapist and co-owner of Country Roads Physical Therapy. “I have people text me over the weekend.” 

“We go home, and it’s like, ah man, you miss your patients,” added Henry, who is a physical therapist and director of  Country Roads’ Morgantown clinic, which opened in October.

It’s a feeling that doesn’t escape patients’ notice.

“She’s very knowledgeable in what she does,” said Jim Pellillo, of Henry. “She takes interest in her work, and I think that’s what makes her so good at it.” 

The Fairmont resident has come to Henry after two knee surgeries and now for issues with his sciatic nerve.

“Five weeks ago, I couldn’t hardly walk in here,” he said.

Now he’s able to move freely.

In addition to exercise, Henry uses dry needling to treat Pellillo.
 It’s a technique that involves inserting “dry” needles — which means there’s no medication applied to them — through the skin into tight bands of muscle, known as trigger points.

Barkely said this helps increase muscle elasticity and range of motion.

“The thing we kind of do a little bit differently than some of the clinics is we go and look for the newest manual techniques, a lot of the newer things that are outside the box of normal physical therapy,” he said.

Another example is ASTYM treatment. This type of therapy “regenerates healthy soft tissues and eliminates or reduces unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions,” according to

Among its other services, Country Roads also offers massage, sports, pediatric and aquatic therapies, as well as industrial rehabilitation, prosthetic training, custom orthotics and a balance program.
Barkley said a point of pride for the business is that therapists spend a lot of one-on-one time with patients.

“We don’t do the typical hot back, do a couple of stretches, do a couple exercises and walk out the door,” he said. “We do a lot of manual cuing. If you’re doing an exercise that isn’t correct as far as actual mobility goes, we give you hand and verbal cues to make sure you’re doing them correctly.” 

He said that’s because many clients hurt their backs, shoulders or necks from incorrect movements.

“We want to try to correct that in order to strengthen the muscles that are causing the actual injury,” he said.

The business has four other locations in Fairmont, Buckhannon and Wheeling.
Barkley and fellow Fairmont native Derek Falkenstein opened their first clinic in 2006.

They decided to open shop in Morgantown, because of high demand. 

In addition to doctor referrals, Henry said many patients come in after seeing a sign around town, driving by the Fort Pierpont center off I-68, or from word of mouth.

“We do free screenings,” she said. “People can see what we have to offer and how we may be able to help them.” 

Barkley said he and Falkenstein originally decided to offer the screenings as a way to help patients who may otherwise fall through the cracks.

“Derek and I also did it for people who maybe are underinsured or not insured that don’t have any access to health care,” he said. “And we would do that for them and allow them to come in and at least be seen. Just give them an idea of where they are.” 

If therapy is necessary, the next step is lining up a plan in conjunction with a patient’s physician.

“Watching the people get better, that’s what we really like the best,” Henry said.

WHERE: 200 Fort Pierpont Drive, Suite 107, Morgantown, WV
HOURS: 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday
PHONE: 304-322-4232