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Chuck’s Furniture to carry
Gat Creek

Family owned store prizes value

Nowadays, people can go online to websites like Ama, and other multi-product massive online retailers, and pick out a couch to have delivered to their door at a price they think is a steal, Prutilpac explained.
 But the seasoned sales manager who grew up in the furniture business said there are numerous benefits to the family-run store experience.
 “Number one, you have more options because when you buy online you don’t have that 900-fabric option,” Prutilpac said. “Number two is customer service. You’re going to get more straight answers. Yo u ’re going to have someone you directly deal with face to face, and it’s just a more open buying experience.”
 He said people come into the store to compare items to online products often, but also the store sees a lot of traffic from disappointed online shoppers.
 Prutilpac said he has had customers who were stuck with broken furniture after curb-side drop-off, or customers who never received furniture products they ordered online.
 That isn’t the case with Chuck’s, he said. When someone orders a custom piece of furniture, the store gets the delivery, and if they open the box and there is something wrong, they deal with the manufacturer for the customer.
 That’s what you get at Chuck’s, Prutilpac said, because they focus on value over price.
 Prutilpac’s grandfather Chuck Prutilpac opened up Chuck’s Furniture in Westover in 1967. In 1975 Chuck moved his establishment onto Lawless Road. After a fire that destroyed the entire building in 1979, Chuck’s needed to be rebuilt.
 The same building, with several large additions since then, stands in that very spot today.
 Prutilpac’s father, Jim Prutilpac, took over for Chuck some years down the line and currently owns the family-oriented business.
 And Prutilpac, the “sales manager” in an establishment that doesn’t really have official titles, said to this day, there very rarely is a time when no family member is in the building at Chuck’s Furniture.
 Chuck’s carries furniture that fits in your living room, dining room or bedroom, ranging from mattresses to couches to coffee tables.
 Prutilpac said in the upcoming weeks, they will be introducing a new line of wood furniture products from a solid West Virginia company out of Berkely Springs called Gat Creek.
 Some other popular brands the store carries in house are Craftmaster, Lane, Southern Motion, Best, Thomasville, Norwalk and Lexington.