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Cartridges Galore: Selling nostalgia

Morgantown business specializes in classic gaming consoles

Cartridges Galore in Morgantown sells an array of video games and a variety of consoles.

But that’s not all the store owner hopes to peddle when people walk in the door. 

“We sell nostalgia to you basically,” said Brad Urbas, the owner of the Morgantown branch.
“Most of the inventory that you see in the store comes from the town. Our business model basically is that we try to compete with online prices so that people are more motivated to come into the store and buy the games off of a small business.”

The business began as the brainchild of Chris Hendershot and Garrett Eagan, who opened the first store in Cumberland, Md. Cartridges Galore now has seven locations — Frostburg, La Vale, Cumberland and Hagerstown, Md.; Altoona and Duncansville, Pa.; and Morgantown.

Urbas said they’re looking at opening another location in about a month or two.

The Morgantown store opened in December 2014, and Urbas said the reception has been good.

“It’s just taken off. I think if you just treat people fair and take care of people, you know it kind of does its own work,” Urbas said.

Located in the plaza near the South High Street Bridge, Cartridges Galore is open every day, except Sunday.

“If you have anything, like, laying around collecting dust, bring it in. We specialize and pride ourselves in paying really fair in cash or store credit,” Urbas said.

Besides offering a good deal, Urbas said he and his staff have also tried to make the store inviting.

Look up on the walls and you’ll see a veritable timeline of video games and systems.

“People get so excited just to see the stuff they grew up on,” Urbas said.

And if you get a hankering to play, Urbas has you covered. Two pinball machines, a couple arcade games and a few video game consoles are available for customers right in the store.

It’s important to him that customers and employees are all treated with respect.

“We really try and treat people like family because I think all of us have worked for other retailers that have kind of had that cold, you know, there’s like a distance between the management and the people,” he said.

“I think the customers pick up on the interaction ...”

Plus, it’s just a fun job, he said, adding that when someone brings in a box of old video games, it’s often like opening a treasure trove.

“Sometimes we have to train the employees to calm down when they’re not used to it,” Urbas said, laughing.

Andrew Carter and his girlfriend are avid gamers who used to visit the first Cartridges Galore store in Cumberland. Now, they frequent the Morgantown location once or twice a week.

“We started popping in pretty much the first day they were open, and we’re here all the time,” he said.

There’s always something new to look at and add to the wish list. And, he especially enjoys the interactive experience the store offers in its arcade games.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to play a game for a few minutes and remember what it was like,” Carter said.

“I actually highly recommend them too because, in terms of both trading games in and buying games, the prices are extremely fair on both sides.”

LOCATION:  40 High Street, Morgantown, WV 26505
Hours: Noon -7 p.m. 
Closed Sunday.
WEBSITE:  cartridges
 PHONE:  (304) 381-2182