Cardello Electric Supply & Lighting marks 38 years with new location


Cardello Electric Supply & Lighting, based in Pittsburgh, has been operating in Morgantown for 38 years and recently moved from downtown to Westover.

The move was a result of Morgantown’s substantial growth over the years. What once was an ideal location, became overcrowded with traffic, but Michael “Skip” Hall, branch manager, said adapting to a changing landscape is nothing new.

“We’ve been in Morgantown since 1978. ... We moved in on High Street and we purchased an existing business called the Light Gallery, and then we moved down on University Avenue, and now we’ve moved down to Westover,” Hall said. “[We have] 29 parking spaces, easier access for the customers and just easier to get in and out of.” 

Hall said Cardello’s may have started off as an electrical distributor for contractors, but has since expanded to suit all customers with electrical needs.

“We can light a school, we can light a parking lot, we can light ball fields — we did PNC Park (Pittsburgh),” Hall said. “Just anything at all, that requires lighting, we get involved in.” 

He added that their business advantage and resultant success is due to community interaction and their specific brand of know-how.

“We educate our people, you know, we concentrate on what we do,” Hall said. “We do it very well, we are lighting experts. We don’t do plumbing, we don’t do lawn mowers, we don’t do paint, we are specialists in our field.” 

Lauren Dalessandro, an interior designer and showroom employee, said advising customers on their lighting needs is one of the many ways they help their clients.

“We deliver, we also offer a service where we can go out to your house and help you decide the type of lights that you would need,” she said. “As well as being able to give the face-to-face with someone who really, really knows the product.”

Where:  327 Holland Ave, in Westover
Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday 
Phone:  304-292-8406
Web: or