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Bellhops move people

Company hires college studentsfor moving service


Need help moving? Bellhops offers an affordable alternative to traditional movers.


Bellhops is a company that hires college students to help people move. Founders Steven Vlahos and Cameron Doody started the company after they graduated college. 


“While in college, all their female friends, their parents would ask for help moving from one apartment to the next. They would do it for free because they are nice guys but would end up getting tipped by the parents, sometimes 100 bucks,” Bellhops Chief Operating Officer Matt Patterson said. “They saw a market for this, and that’s where the idea for Bellhops came from.” 


Bellhops has grown from an experiment at Vlahos and Doody’s alma mater — Auburn University — to reaching 128 cities in 42 states across the country, including Morgantown. 


 “I got involved with Bellhops right after school ended in the spring,” Bellhops mover Chris Alexander said. “I definitely recommend it to anyone, any college student looking for some quick money. … I like helping out people. It is fun.” 


There are more than 8,000 student movers nationwide signed up with Bellhops. 


Bellhops mover Brian Fisher said, “I had a friend who was a rep for Bellhops, and I needed some side money for the summer, instead of wasting my time.” 

Students who need help moving — or students looking for a job — can sign up on the Bellhops website. Hiring Bellhops costs $40 an hour per employee. 


Alexander said, “We claim jobs on the website and as soon as we claim it, we call the customer and meet up with the customer on the day of the move.” 

Many students, such as Jessica Hinson, are overwhelmed at the thought of moving by themselves. She hired Bellhops to help with her move to Morgantown.


“We were moving about five hours from Cincinnati, and we knew we could get the stuff here, but we had no idea how we would get it up three flights of stairs,” Hinson said. “They showed up when we told them to and have been unloading everything from the van and putting it exactly where we need it. 


 “It has been excellent,” she added. “This is one of the best ideas we have had in a long time.”