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Bring the arts under one roof

Artistry House offers dance; owner plans to add drawing, photography

Tendu. Degage. Plie.

The little girls follow along as Jennifer Lawrence calls out different terms.

The owner of Artistry House works with the Leap N Learn 6-year-olds, teaching them traditional ballet terms as they exercise their bodies and their minds.

“They have lots of practice and they have made a lot of progress in the program,” Lawrence said about the class, one of the many programs offered at the new business.

“We focus on all of the basic ballet elements. They learn the proper ballet terminology, but we make it as fun as possible, so we use a lot of imagination.”

Artistry House, which is on Green Bag Road in the former Bookshelf space, has been open for about a month, and Lawrence said she’s received a warm reception for the business which offers classes for small children all the way up to adults.

Artistry House offers ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, musical theater, power barre, cardio dance, pilates, Happy Tappers and the aforementioned Leap N Learn classes.

Georgette Taylor’s daughter, Keely, 6, takes the new Leap N Learn ballet class, as well as tap, but the mother and daughter aren’t strangers to Lawrence’s style of teaching.

“We took with Miss Jenny previously, so when we heard she was opening her own studio, we wanted to follow her here,” Georgette Taylor said.

In fact, she said her other daughter, Teagan, 2, will probably start taking classes soon, especially since it’s been such a positive experience for Keely.

“We like the philosophy. They just really focus on teaching the girls,” Georgette Taylor said.

Lawrence received her bachelor’s and master’s from WVU and a doctorate in French from the University of Pittsburgh. She has taught dance for 15 years, and even learned about the Leap N Learn program from its creator Beverly Spell, whom she spent a year with in Louisiana.

“I think teaching is teaching, so even though my pedagogical training really came in an academic setting, I have been able to apply so much of that to what we do in the classroom,” Lawrence said.

“I wanted to offer something that was a really positive environment at the same time as offering really quality instruction.”

In addition to dance classes, and eventually branching out into other classes, such as drawing or photography, Lawrence said a new program is beginning Oct. 1: Mom’s Morning Out.

In the class, 3- and 4-year-olds will take a two-hour morning class, in which they’ll do a craft and creative movements based on a theme. During this time, the moms can leave their children at the studio and go do what they need to do. Basically, “take a morning off,” Lawrence said.

Artistry House also offers a birthday party program in three tiers: Basic, deluxe and customizable.

The birthday package offers a party and a demo class, and the celebrations can also have themes.

Location: 135 Green Bag Road, Morgantown (in the former Bookshelf space)
Phone: 304-435-8090