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Apex Chiropractic & Physical Therapy
Treating the whole person, not just the injury


At Apex Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, employees aim to treat the whole person, not just the injury.

Having recently added physical therapy to the mix of chiropractic care and therapeutic massage, Apex owner Dr. Jared Surbaugh said he hopes to give clients the opportunity to receive all the help they need, under the same roof. A sort-of one stop shop, if you will, he said.

“We wanted to create an environment where people wanted to do everything here all at once,” he said.

“Not just necessarily for the convenience factor, but ... because we really think it helps a lot of people get better a lot quicker than just doing one or the other.”

This way, the folks treating the clients — Surbaugh, physical therapist Nathan Tomasik and massage therapist Jacquelyn Copenhaver, can also communicate easily to keep treatments aligned to offer the best care.

Not only that, it saves those clients precious time, not having to travel across town for everything, Surbaugh said.

“People still  have that option,” he pointed out. “If they want to come and just do physical therapy, they can do that; if they just want massage, they can do that; if they just want chiropractic care, they can do that. But what’s been a nice addition —  what’s actually, I don’t want to say surprised, but I’ve been pleasantly happy with — is the people who are doing all phases of care that we offer here, they are getting better a lot quicker than maybe what we typically had in the past. Most people are experiencing pretty good results with combing their treatments and combining it all under one roof, rather than having to travel around to do all of those.”

Copenhaver said she performs massage for relaxation, but also as an important part of getting clients back to full movement and potential.

“Work injuries, car accidents — [clients] come in with real acute problems,  and the combination of chiropractor care and even PT and massage, I think its really great for people. And I’m really popular with people who like massage because they’re like, ‘Ahhh.’ ”

She said most clients opt to have their chiropractic and PT sessions first, then see her before leaving — so that they walk out in a calm, more comfortable  state.

“It’s a doctor’s transaction for them, it’s not for relaxation,” she said. “It’s ‘I’m here because I hurt my shoulder,’ and that’s what I work on. Which is very different from a spa setting. Most people I spend 30 minutes — lower back, shoulders, neck. It’s different from the spa stuff and I like it.”

Mary Strife, who visited Copenhaver recently to have her back, neck, knees and feet massaged, said she visits Apex mostly to maintain her “overall well-being.” On this particular visit, she said, her hip was bothering her a bit, as well as her shoulders, so that’s what Copenhaver would focus on.

“I have people who come frequently for massage, even when they’re feeling better,” Copenhaver said.

One of the common misconceptions about chiropractic care, as well as physical therapy and therapeutic massage, Surbaugh said, is that one must have an extreme lifestyle or have suffered a severe injury in order to benefit from it.

“Traditionally, the people we see more of here at the office, it’s going to be more of your desk work, your sedentary people, people who are behind their computers most of the day, and honestly, that’s — you know, people think you have to be injured, or hurt, to come to a chiropractor or a physical therapist,” he said. “But those are more of our chronic people, the people who are sedentary, who are working that desk job, and you know, we just weren’t designed to do that. So you’re seeing more of those chronic lower back, chronic neck issues.”

He said he also treats quite a few children and pregnant women. And he loves helping them.
Children, he said, benefit very quickly from chiropractic care and physical therapy, because of their ability to heal so fast.

Pregnant women often seek out his services to relieve pain and discomfort, since medications, such as pain relievers, are often off-limits — or at least not recommended.

He said chiropractic care often helps with easier, more successful deliveries.

He said he would love to see the practice grow in the  athletic community — something he believes the addition of physical therapy will certainly facilitate.

“People [with an athletic background] are more accustomed to doing physical therapy,” he said. “I think once people come in and they’re seeing, ‘Hey, people are coming and seeing the chiropractor, too’ — I think that’s going to help a lot with that as well. I played sports ... all through college at West Virginia Wesleyan, and I wish that I had access to chiropractic care and things like that. I think I’d be better off today because of it. So I think if we can get into that aspect of the community, I think we can grow the practice and help a lot of people out with that, as well.” 

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