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24-hour gym suitable for all ages

Any Body Fitness offers personal trainers to motivate members

The recent task of turning Rob’s Fitness Gym into Any Body Fitness went smoothly for gym owner Roger Brewer. 

While Any Body Fitness caters to all ages, the gym is geared primarily toward seniors and creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone, Brewer said.

Now that baby boomers are beginning to retire, they are taking advantage of the gym and what it has to offer, he said. Personal trainers will work with members of all ages.

“Our gym is based on anybody, any age, anytime. We’re here to help the people that really need the help,” Brewer said.

First-time gym users, he said, can relax and learn proper exercise procedures from personal trainers if necessary.

“We have trainers here to help you,” Brewer said. “If you’ve never seen a treadmill before, we’ll show it to you and be with you if you have any questions. All the staff is trained and certified.”

Brewer is able to connect and relate with people who come to the gym for the first time.

“I used to be heavy. I’m a diabetic,” Brewer said. “I know what it feels like to try to start training when you’re really not able to because of your weight or injuries.”

Once Benjie Bradley was unable to do the manual labor demanded by his job, he knew he needed professional help. After testing out a variety of gyms, Bradley chose to regularly attend Any Body Fitness.

“I don’t like the gyms. I don’t like doing this. But like I said, I worked it into my weekly routine, and it keeps me coming,” Bradley said. “I’ve been to other places where I would just let my membership go because I just got that bored with it, but not here.”

With the help of the workout facility and equipment available to him, as well as the constant support of a personal trainer, Bradley was able to stay focused on his health and lose a significant amount of weight. He is once again able to perform manual labor at work and carry out everyday household tasks with ease. 

“It helps,” he said. “I guess maybe it’s adding life to my life.”

Bradley works out with a 73-year-old man who made a commitment to attend Any Body Fitness regularly. 

“He couldn’t even raise his arms above his head for nine years,” Bradley said. “Within three workouts, he was able to do that here.”

Any Body Fitness started out as Rob’s Fitness Gym five years ago until the two owners split up to pursue different opportunities in October.

Any Body Fitness works with the statewide PEIA weight-management program. Anyone who is a state or county employee and has PEIA insurance is eligible to join the program. This pays for part of a gym membership, as well as a trainer and dietitian. Certain restrictions apply.