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Company retains quality
AllPro has changed name and location, but remains professional


In the roughly 50 years that AllPro Home Improvements has been in business, its name and location have changed, as well as its ownership. But when Cliff Jackson took over the Fairmont establishment about two years ago, his goal was to ensure that one thing remained — the quality of service.
“I spend about a year with former owner Donna Blaney, in here every Thursday afternoon, learning from her first-hand — actually doing the work and watching her work, getting immersed in it,” he said. “And that really gave me a lot of peace of mind.” 
And Jackson kept the staff that “had been here forever,” because he said, “they’re the real star of the show.” 
While AllPro Home Improvements has always offered products meant to spruce up the exterior of a home, there was a time when most of them were constructed of aluminum.
That’s why original owners Fred and Viola Becker dubbed their new venture Aluminum Products, when its doors opened in 1963.
But after Donna Blaney and her husband, Marvin, took over the business in 1986 and moved it to its current location, in 1995, various materials were used. So, roughly 12 years ago, the name was changed to reflect the industry’s shift.
“Aluminum Products didn’t capture the essence of everything that was being done,” Jackson said.
The company deals with sunrooms, patio covers, decks, awnings, windows, doors, seamless gutters, siding, soffits, fascias and, in the winter especially, bathroom remodeling. Offerings range from standard to premium.
Take, for instances, decks. In addition to a simple open deck, AllPro builds covered and screened versions. And for those looking to spend even more time enjoying the elements, three- or four-season sunrooms.
“They installed three windows in my basement,” said Kevin Funk, a Fairmont resident. “I tried to go through a different company, but they offered just solid windows for a couple of them. Being that it’s an older home, it’s harder to get a standard size.” 
But, Funk said, AllPro was able to work with him to create custom windows that can open and close, a much more convenient option.
“I was very happy,” he said. “They were very professional. They made sure any questions I had were answered and cleaned up their work.” 
Bill Martin is similarly impressed with AllPro’s professionalism. After the bay window in his Taylor County home settled, he attempted to use contractors who, he said, “didn’t do squat” after he paid them $5,000 down, for what they said would be a $14,000 job. In order to get his money back, he ended up involving the police.
With a window that still needed repaired, he reached out to AllPro.
The company was able to fix the issue for $3,000.
“They jacked it up, supported it, and finished it off well,” he said. “Their reliability is beyond reproach. And they offered a modest price for superior work.” 
Stories like Martin’s are why Jackson said he got into the business of home improvement.

“You know, contractors get a bad wrap, but some of them deserve it,” he said. “This business has been here, because we’re a contractor that the community trusts and believes in. And we believe that we’ve earned that trust. And we will not break that trust. That’s the most important thing to me.”

AllPro Home Improvement is at 201 Fairmont Ave., Fairmont. Hours are 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Info: 304-363-1500 or