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24-Hour gym opens in Preston
3 Guys Fitness opens near Masontown


The goal for Preston County residents welcomed the county’s first 

24-hour gym.

3 Guys Fitness has been open for about a year. The fitness center is along W.Va. 7, between Masontown and Reedsville. Rates vary, from $5 for one day to $40 for a month.

Owners Nathan Larew, Jared Hovatter and Kevin Dunaway want members to feel comfortable coming to the gym at any hour. Cameras and panic hardware are installed throughout the facility to ensure members’ safety.

So far, feedback has been positive. 

“I love it. I never bought a gym membership because I didn’t want to drive to Morgantown. It was just too far to go. So having this close is wonderful,” gym member Bonnie Prince said. 

One goal for owners Larew, Hovatter and  Dunaway is to run a judgment-free gym with no intimidation. 
“We try to eliminate gym-timidation. We’ve got people from 12 years old to a couple 75-year-old ladies that come in here and walk. And that’s what we want,” Larew said. 
3 Guys Fitness makes it easy to fit in a workout before or after work with its private bathrooms. 

“We have five private bathrooms — each with a toilet, sink, and shower,  and all the hot water you can use,” Larew said. “So a lot of people come in early, hit it before work, get a jump start on the day, or coming home from work, hit the gym, blow off work and leave it here and then go home to the family.” 

3 Guys Fitness offers classes during the week, such as Zumba, yoga and pilates. 

Larew said, “Our back exercise room, the walls are soundproofed, and we have adjustable lighting, depending on the atmosphere. If you are kind of shy under harsh lighting, the instructor can kill it in the back, so you can dance your little heart out without being under the harsh lighting.” 

In addition to the classes, personal training is available to help members with specific fitness goals. 

“It’s something Preston County desperately needed,” Melonie Larew, an International Sports and Sciences Association (ISSA) certified trainer, said. “All the training I have done, everyone has responded very well to it. I’ve seen some good results from it. People seem to be getting into the gym atmosphere more than they would have without someone there pushing them, encouraging them.”