WVU Athletic Director Shane Lyons brought up quite a few important talking points during his press conference Wednesday that involved all sports. Perhaps the most poignant was the new Mountaineer Center that is now under construction at Mylan Park.

Not long after Lyons talked about the potential of a new aquatic center and track facility, an official statement was released from the university that the complex is in the works. It will be state-of-the-art and will have the ability to host Big 12 track and swimming and diving meets/championships.

This is a great step forward for the Olympic sports at WVU and it something to be proud of. But Lyons also mentioned that this is not only a win for WVU, but a win for the community and the city of Morgantown. There will be a walking trail and pools that will be open to the public.

Lyons also made mention that the local high schools will also be able to use both the track and pool, a big step in helping the biggest problems for Morgantown and University high athletics. As it stands now, the MHS and UHS swimming teams don’t get to practice until late in the evening because of WVU’s use of the pool at the Natatorium.

Neither school has a track, so MHS and UHS are forced to travel for all meets and practice at either Mountaineer Middle or the WVU track, depending on which is available. If neither is available, they are practicing at their respective schools with no track. Track teams practicing with no track is an issue.

Finally, those teams will have a facility to be proud of, right? That’s what we can hope for, but I’m not sure exactly what will change once the Mountaineer Center is finished. WVU will likely still take priority over the high schools in every capacity.

Monongalia County Ballpark was supposed to be a multi-use facility, but high schools have been put on the back-burner in favor of WVU and the Black Bears.

Not only that, but if the high schools do want to play there, they have to pay an extensive fee.

A concern is that, once again, the high school athletes will be made secondary to WVU, even though the new aquatic center and track are community projects. Everyone deserves to use these beautiful facilities and to use them fairly.

Marshall, no more

Lyons said that there are no serious discussions to bring back the football and men’s basketball series with Marshall in the near future. If Marshall wants to play WVU, it would have to be in Morgantown, but the Thundering Herd aren’t fond of that proposal.

If WVU continues to schedule the likes of Virginia Tech, Pitt, Maryland and Penn State in football, looking the other way with Marshall is the right decision.

Sure, you can say that the series is “good for the state” and that economically, it keeps both fan bases in the state during the same weekend. But it doesn’t benefit WVU in the slightest.

A win for Marshall would be one of the biggest in school history. A win for WVU is just another one in a series that is currently 12-0 in favor of WVU. A loss to Marshall would derail WVU’s season. Adding other regional Power-5 schools should continue to be the scheduling priority for Lyons.

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