KINGWOOD — Four officials with the union which represents workers at USPS Hazelton have been charged with petit larceny for allegedly taking less than $1,000 each illegally from the union.

The Preston prosecutor said charges could be dismissed if the men agree to repay the funds.

Erick Smith, 44, of Greensboro, Pa., who was second vice president of the local, is accused of taking $459 for per diem travel expenses for a union trip in April 2009. Albert Popielarcheck, of Uniontown, Pa., the union’s executive vice president, is accused of taking $601 for two union trips in 2009.

Robert Reckart, of Bruceton Mills, the treasurer of AFGE Local 420, is charged with accepting $459 for a 2009 union trip. All three pleaded not guilty. Snyder said a fourth man is also charged, but court records show he has not yet appeared on the charge.